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We meet in Paris, Miami.” She makes her marriage a top priority and that sure takes hard work considering their busy and demanding careers!They are selecting one winner per day, so show us all of your bikinis! At the MTV VMAs white carpet on Sunday, she told , “I really think it’s weird when they send me p—s pictures [on Instagram], it irks me deep inside. Even my 8 year old son noticed that d*ck move yesterday. Thanks for some of the good chat it's been real ✌🏾 Well I guess that settles it then.

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Graham didn’t see Gilmore Girls’s famous final four words coming, and she doesn’t think they feel so final. It was pretty messy, and luckily for Lauren Graham, she managed to forget all of it: For example, apparently during this season Christopher and Lorelai get married in Paris. Then, Sherman-Palladino mentioned her idea of doing “four mini-movies that would run 90 minutes each,” and also asked about whether Graham was familiar with Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Wild, which both figure in the plot of A Year in the Life.

Just days before that Becca also posted a picture of herself on the beach saying, “Only reason I am leaving is because I need Dr.

Pepper & have other obligations & miss Bob (@robertgraham).

Otherwise, I’d stay forevs.” Becca isn’t the only one sharing sweet photos on social media.

Robert shared a photo on Instagram recently of the two of them together and said, “I mean… ” shared the official news back in December that Becca and Robert were dating.


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