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When you back up your Mio C230 (saves your POIs, favorites, Recent Cities and other History lists as well as your preferences within the various settings menus) within Mio Map 3.3, it saves the data as in the root of your SD card so that you are able to restore your settings and data.

Instead, this design more closely resembles a small Nuvi or the ONE from Tom Tom.

The company has based the C230 on a 400MHz processor and it also includes the obligatory Si RF Si RFStar III GPS chipset. Mio said the C230 is available now in the UK for £140 (€175/0).

The C230 has a 3.5in TFT touchscreen display, which is covered with an anti-glare coating. However, additional maps can be loaded from the bundled CD either by hooking the device up to your PC via its USB 2.0 connection, or by loading maps onto SD cards and slotting them into the device.

PND C230 is capable of providing accurate and easy navigation in even the most challenging environments.

Sat Guide C230 device will be available at all Maruti accessory stores across the country and this device will be sold exclusively at Maruti showrooms only.


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