Online dating for deaf people

ASL singles provides a comfortable platform for deaf or hearing impaired people to find friendship, romance and love.

Currently, is free, but Marais plans to start charging a small membership fee in the future to support additional features and Web hosting costs.People in the deaf community have enjoyed the Internet and computers because it has opened up a whole new deaf world for them.Many deaf sites exist for those with a hearing loss and that includes a means for deaf people to receive deaf world news, review deaf events in Maryland, deaf events NYC or deaf events Bay Area, connect with deaf groups, create a deaf directory, find deaf resources, find a deaf chat online website, a deaf website and so much more.Develop a long lasting relationship: Register and create your profile now.A potential friend or partner for life is waiting for you!ā€œIā€™m doing it as a hobby,ā€ Marais, a full-time computer security specialist, said.


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