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for the QObject::tr() function is descripted here: https://io/Qt Internationalization#What_is_tr.28.29.3Fbasically, tr("string", "description") means the string would be the translation of the "string", and "description" services a hint useful for people doing the translation, so people can know better what the "string" actually means. Just one question, I'm not sure about the reason why there could be only one full command for each action?For example, can we assign both "parallel" and "offset" for Modify Offset?Is the concept of full and short commands exclusively for the tab completion/hint feature?How to install Single Player Commands Pocket Edition 1. (Thanks to Why To Fu) -Added commands: /sprint on, /sprint off -Added descriptions to commands in this forum Single Player Commands v4.1: -Made Magic Carpet disappear when /mc off is typed Single Player Commands v4.2: -Added commands: /bounce, /coords Single Player Commands v4.3: -Added Auto-closing Portable Door -Removed /pdoor close, as it now automatically closes -Added Android Script ID Single Player Commands v4.4: -Added commands: /hole -Added /give message Single Player Commands v5: -Added Spawn Touch and Raining Animals!We can easily add this: This command puts the new column called "email" at the end of the table by default, and the VARCHAR command limits it to 40 characters.However, if you need to place that column in a specific spot in the table, we can add one more phrase to the command.

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Added coal and Iron sword for selecting bomb, added stick and Iron hoe to select Portable Door -Fixed Bomb selection -Fixed /home messages Single Player Commands v2.3: -Fixed ) missing Single Player Commands v3: -Added Magic Carpet!rug sorts software from services into catalogs (also known as channels), groups of similar software.For example, one catalog might contain software from an update server and another some software from a third-party software vendor." message Single Player Commands v6.2: -Fixed /coords (me = butthole) Single Player Commands v7: -Added Warp Panels and words in /give!SUSE Linux Enterprise comes with a new command line tool for installing and updating packages, rug.Subscribe to individual catalogs to control the display of available packages and prevent the accidental installation of unwanted software.


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