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This is the big reveal featuring Tom Welling in his Neo suit.

It looks terrible, and tacky, and I can’t wait until they get rid of it.

Justin is a huge baseball fan, and ironically, his two favorite teams are reportedly the Chicago Cubs and the Los Angeles Dodgers, who are going head to head right now to decide which team will head to the World Series.

When asked how different it is working on daytime TV, as opposed to prime-time television, Hartley says prime-time has a much slower pace and more time to prepare and get it right.

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The character Justin portrays is Kevin Pearson, an aspiring actor trying to find exactly what he wants to do while trying to learn how not to depend on his sister for everything.The season premiere, episode “Zod,” is scheduled to air on September 28th @ 8PM ET/PT. (Be sure to check out the cute pics of Kristin and Kristen Bell!has quickly claimed the spot as the best new show on television this fall.Apparently when Tess Mercer let him out of the Phantom Zone, she also let out most of his army.They estimated there must be at least 100 of them on the planet.Justin Hartley is an American actor known for his roles NBC’s Passions (2002-2006) and The CW’s Smallville.


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