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And there are often bands, acrobats, trivia, and other shenanigans as well. If you have Nerd Nite photos you can upload them to our Flickr page too!

Imagine learning about everything from math feuds or the science of the Simpsons, to the genealogy of Godzilla or zombie insects, while having a few or a few too many. Click on the cities on the right to find a Nerd Nite near you. Nerd Nite is super fun for team building activities, parties, etc.

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« Notre but, c'était d'attirer les touristes et de plaire aux gens du coin.

At e Harmony Canada we understand that our users aren't just interested in a date.

They want something more meaningful in a relationship.

While most singles don’t really care – insert a diatribe about the holiday’s meaninglessness here – it would sting a lot less if plans were in play: something single-friendly on February 14.

The event is brainchild of Heather Hendrie, a vivacious 30-something working for the City of Calgary, who was herself inspired in a lift line.


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