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They believe that it gives them more coins in the relationship kitty or they prioritise appearance when choosing partners, or they believe they’re experiencing problems in their relationship, are single or are experiencing issues in other areas of their life because of it.

You’ll assume that because you find them attractive, that it must mean they’re in possession of other qualities, characteristics, and values that you’d like in a partner. If you believe your appearance is causing problems in your relationship, it means you have a total avoidance of addressing the real issues.

At e Harmony Canada we understand that our users aren't just interested in a date.

If you believe that you’re exceptionally attractive, you’ll think it opens doors for you, coast on your appearance, and in being so superficially focused not feel that you have to put in any real effort and even think you can substitute appearance for intimacy.

I know a number of people that believe that they just need to ‘show up’ and they’re only realising now that nobody goes out with your face, breasts, height, big penis, floppy hair or six-pack.


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